THREE Pro-Family Super Bowl Commercials

THREE Pro-Family Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl commercials are generally known for their slapstick comedy, sexual content and talking animals.  2010 was different because amid all this, there were not one, but three commercials that promoted pro-life and pro-family messages.

Of course there was the Tim Tebow commercial, which was surprisingly tame on the pro-life message so many pro-abortion groups feared.

The ad featured Tebow playfully tackling his mother. NOW President Terri O’Neill said the ad is a “celebration of violence against women.” Mainly because they made such a big fuss before the Super Bowl, they had to find something wrong with the ad.  From an advertising standpoint, Focus on the Family gets an A+. They received millions of dollars of free advertising on what would have been a good, but not controversial commercial.

Google’s ad showed the progress of a relationship from first contact to marriage to having a baby. The love and pro-family overtones while using search results typed into Google was one of the most simple, yet most effective ads shown. The super bowl ad is also ranked number two with the most Internet buzz.

Dove’s commercial celebrates being a man. To be a man you have certain life experiences, but a huge part of that is marriage and having a family. The majority of the commercial was focused on what he does is family related.

The first few seconds of the commercial shows the beginning of the man’s life at conception. However in the UK version of the ad those two seconds are cut out completely. Cutting those seconds changes their definition of the beginning of life.

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    Pro-Life Supper Bowl Adds

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