Training Your Child to be a Gender and Sexual Rights Activist

Dear Friend of the Family:

A gathering at the UN's Commission on the Status of Women was the perfect venue to introduce International Planned Parenthood's new Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum.  The room was filled with NGOs from around the world - groups with the capability of helping organizations like Planned Parenthood, Population Council, and  International Women's Health Council -  do a worldwide rollout of their new "It's all One Curriculum:  Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV and Human Rights Education."

"If we can just get this new comprehensive sex education program into every school and fully implemented around the globe, we can all stop working and go home!" remarked the smiling moderator to a full room full of what she thought were like-minded feminists and gay rights advocates.  "It would solve all our problems!"  A pretty grandiose statement, our United Families International representatives concluded.    

But after returning home and spending hours and hours reviewing the curriculum's 281-manual/textbook and the 188-page "Activities Book," we can safely say that her statement was not grandiose.  This new comprehensive sex education curriculum not only trains students in "pleasuring themselves and others" with masturbation, oral and anal sex, and the techniques for achieving an orgasm, but it is well-constructed, comprehensive, and highly effective manual for training your children to become gender and sexual rights activists.  

Saul Alinsky followers and other community organizers move over - Planned Parenthood has now set the standard.  And, school children worldwide are their target audience.  

The "It's all One Curriculum" is laced with lessons and activities that:  

*    Implicate religion and traditional family as purveyors of hatred, misinformation, negative stereotypes, oppression and violence against women.
*    Normalize and promote same-sex behavior. 
*    Train and condition students to accept and support same-sex marriage and efforts to legalize it.
*    Train student to believe that anyone that opposes homosexual behavior is unjust, supports discrimination, and not a contributing member of a compassionate and healthy society.
*    Push for acceptance and legalization of prostitution (sex work).
*    Promote abortion as a human right and pushes students to become activists for worldwide legalization.  Promotes emergency contraception.
*    Coaches students on how to get an abortion when it is illegal.
*    Teach that marriage is just an option in contemporary society, that domestic partnerships, cohabitation, civil unions, or no commitment at all, are equal and valid options for sexual relationships.  The reasons given for getting married are presented as simply a means of appeasing a cultural bias.
*    Parenthood and marriage need not be related.
*    The only things adolescents need to consider when deciding to engage in sex is whether or not they desire it, they feel they are in control, they feel they are mature, and have taken the necessary steps to "protect" themselves.
*    Bad laws are those that ban abortion, criminalize prostitution (sex work), "prohibit labor-union organizing," (yes, this is in a sex education curriculum), prohibit same-sex marriage or laws that were put in place under religious influence.
*    "Traditional or conservative gender roles" are harmful to both men and women and should be eliminated.  While "individuals who have more liberal attitudes about gender roles or who believe in equality" suffer fewer negative consequences.
*    Teach that "Gender roles are learned. They are not innate or 'natural.' In fact, almost everything that males can do, females can also do. And almost everything that females can do, males can also do."
*    "Pregnancy can occur by means other than vaginal intercourse."  A male and female in a relationship are not necessary to have a child because now there are forms of "assisted reproduction."
*    Promote gender confusion as normal.  "As children become aware of their bodies, they may explore their sexuality with friends of either sex."
*    Marriage and religion are repeatedly mentioned in the context of "sexual coercion" - right next to "war and conflict situations," "prisons", and "prostitution" (sex trafficking).
*    "People may feel desire for another person (of the same sex, of the other sex, or both). Or they may feel generalized desire that is not necessarily attached to another person." [Want to decipher that one?!]
*    Same-sex attraction cannot be changed by "religion, therapy, or medical intervention."
*    "Some people who want to change their gender and sex may use hormones and/or undergo surgery to alter their sexual organs permanently.  [T]o those who seek it, the change is of vital importance." 

"Culturally Sensitive"

The program is intended for a global student audience and claims to be "culturally sensitive."  However, the only thing in this curriculum that is not straight out of radical western feminist thought and dogma is the smattering of photos of adolescents from around the world.  Even at that, a large number of the photos in the curriculum show adolescents in groupings that depict same-sex behavior.  

"Is the teaching of "Abstinence" included?"

You might remember that we recently wrote a blog post about a young woman in attendance at this presentation who asked if abstinence was part of this new curriculum.  Well now that we've had time to look it over, we can verify that there are few mentions of abstinence.

Abstinence or "abstaining" is mentioned primarily in the context of it being a possible method of contraception.  Or consider this one lone sentence in the curriculum:   "The surest way to prevent an STI is not to have vaginal, oral, or anal sex."  That's the most positive thing stated about abstinence. 

The other couple of references view abstaining from sex until marriage in a negative context:

*     "Girls may be discouraged or even punished for being sexually active.  In most settings, girls receive contradictory messages about sex. Many are taught that they should not be sexually active prior to marriage."
*    Here's a proposed discussion question from the manual:  "What messages do abstinence only education, child marriage, and female genital mutilation send about sexual pleasure?"

Yes indeed, abstinence is positioned right there with child marriage and female genital mutilation.

What about parental involvement?

There is little to no mention of parental involvement with their children in the actual sex education process except to point out that parents teach gender stereotypes, children are often forced to comply with their parents wishes, parents implement "arranged marriages," parents aren't sure what to tell their children about masturbation, they may "urge them [children] to wait until marriage to have sex," whether or not to tell your parent about your same-sex attraction, parents can be a barrier to "receiving contraceptive services," parents can pressure girls to have abortions, can marry children off at a young age, parents may feel embarrassed to talk about sex, etc.

Is this the type of teaching regarding parental involvement that you envisioned for your child?


As parents, we thought the purpose of our schools is to teach core subjects such as math, science, history, reading - not the teaching of political activism with a predetermined agenda.   We're not even sure someone else's version of sex education is a necessary component of a quality of education -  let alone a program that has a heavy focus on sexual relations outside of marriage or on how to "pleasure" one's self.

The vast majority of this curriculum teaches children the exact opposite of what it should be teaching and cloaks it all in misleading terms such as "pleasure," "equality," "compassion," and "building a just society."

We at United Families International regularly deal with the perversion, worldview, and propaganda of the sexual rights crowd.  But even we were shocked at the content and focus of this curriculum.  These groups have created a product that will use schools to neutralize any objection to same-sex behavior, normalize any form of sexual activity, promote abortion, dismantle marriage and family, deconstruct gender roles, and perform social engineering on a major scale - all the while training the next generation of gender and sexual rights activists.

Watch for this curriculum coming to your school.  We often run into parents who believe that comprehensive sex education programs - rather than abstinence only - are an acceptable option for schools.  They sincerely believe that such programs are critical to the effort to reduce the numbers of teen who contract sexually transmitted infections or become pregnant. 

If you or anyone that you know is in that camp, I urge you to get a copy of this comprehensive sex education program and decide if this is what you want taught to your children.  This is the curriculum or the prototype for the curriculum that is now being promoted in schools both domestically and internationally.   

This is something that every parent, educator, and policy maker needs to be made aware.  Please help United Families International spread the word.  It has to be stopped.

Thanks to all who support our efforts at the UN - much was accomplished!  Without your support, UFI would not have been present to watch this particular program unfold and then mount a campaign to prevent it from spreading to our schools.    Please consider a donation to continue UFI's crucial efforts.  It takes all of us to protect the family.


Carol Soelberg
 President, United Families International 

If you would like specific quotes and pages from this curriculum, please contact us at  We are in the process of finalizing the compiling and creation of a list.