Support the Defense of Marriage

January 12, 2007

Friends, we need to brace ourselves. Due to the November election and the shift in the political climate from both parties, there will be an immediate increase in anti-family legislation. This shift of power will undoubtedly result in a dramatic redirecting of national policies on a wide range of issues including traditional marriage, the homosexual agenda, education, abortion, judicial reform and more. I believe as Winston Churchill did when he said, "Endure defeat because defeat is never final, and setbacks are only momentary." Friends, we are not defeated until we quit. And quitting is not acceptable. Instead we must change our strategy.

What you can do to help the Defend Marriage Project

Today, I am proposing that we change our strategy in at least two ways: First, additional education efforts must be made. Citizens need to understand the real world consequences to individual and parental rights, religious freedom and public education if we do not protect traditional marriage. Every aspect of life and freedom as we know it will be diluted by the liberal agenda of the homosexual movement.

Second, elected officials must be held accountable for their actions and inactions. Our voices must be heard. We have a responsibility to work with our Congressmen and state legislators by advocating the blocking of anti-family legislation that promotes the homosexual agenda or threatens the life of unborn children. Get familiar with your local and national elected representatives. Contact them with your concerns and let them know where you stand and how you want them to vote.

How you can help

Get a guide. United Families International is uniquely positioned and equipped to confront the worldwide assault on the family through our Guides to Family Issues. These guides are the most comprehensive resources available. They provide concerned citizens and pro-family policymakers with factual scientific research and sound logical arguments to support pro-family positions on controversial topics. Each guide has been researched and has the sources you will need to be comfortable with the issues. They include scholarly research, studies, legal analysis and the lessons of history. A guide on Sexual Orientation is currently available here . The topics of Marriage, Cohabitation, Divorce, and Sex Education will be published over the next few months.

Lend your support to the Defend Marriage Project

During the next two years, UFI will focus its energies on an ambitious educational agenda. We will focus on educating the public and elected officials on the negative effects of anti-family legislation, including that which promotes the homosexual agenda, restricts our religious freedoms and freedom of speech, removes protections for unborn children and entangles our nation in U.N. treaties that will further weaken family values. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance," said Thomas Jefferson, and now more than ever is the time to be vigilant. Our Guides to Family Issues will be made availabe on our Store as they become available.

Our challenge is enormous -- we dare not fail. This work is not for us alone; this work is for the future of our children and grandchildren, the future of our families and the families of the world. Help our communities, our states and the nations of the world by protecting our most precious resource, the family.