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Organizational Structure for State Chapter


As discussion groups mature and individuals are educated and aware of the threats to the family and society a desire to be involved in advocacy that will protect our communities often develops. To facilitate that involvement, an organized State structure becomes helpful. UFI will help organize a State Chapter to direct the advocacy program. A Director, appointed by UFI leadership, leads the State Chapter. The following are guidelines to that end.


A Director organizes and directs state advocacy efforts.


  • Organize discussion groups uniting additional individuals for learning and gathering additional contact information.
  • Emphasize awareness of issues.
  • Assign individuals to create blogs and educational information about the issues in your state.
  • Write and distribute UFI alerts specific to the needs of the state or community.
  • Assess activities/involvement of other like-minded organizations for synergistic support.
  • Sponsor “A Day at the Legislature.”
  • Create a Legislative Family Action Council or Family Action Coalition.
  • Organize interaction with local political figures interested in shaping laws and policies to help families flourish.
  • Learn the political process and rules of how a bill becomes a law in your state, and testify in legislative committee hearings when appropriate.
  • Host 2-4 college students during the legislative session for their academic Internship.
  • Direct the organization of a State Chapter with leadership as needed.


There will usually be one Director in each state with Leaders working under that Director.

  • UFI Leadership will conduct monthly training, strategy and Q&A sessions for all state Directors.

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